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quantify waste

Lean Waste in 2023: How do you quantify waste in your processes?

Any business trying to maximize efficiency will need to quantify waste at some point. Once you embark on your Lean journey, How do you know if you are doing well? Where are you in the process? How much data do you have? All these questions are only answered if we are measuring what is going … Read More

identify waste

Lean Waste in 2023: How to identify waste from your processes?

One of the questions I get most is how do you identify waste? And the answer in most cases is, it depends. As we will see below, waste identification is a combination of knowledge, experience, willingness, and resourcefulness. The exploratory phase To identify waste, first, we need to define what waste is.  As we know, … Read More

ranking wastes in lean for Smes

Ranking wastes in Lean for SMEs

Have you heard about waste in lean management? Are you wondering how you could rank them in your business? Do you work for an SME and want to implement lean management?  Many academic papers discuss the types of waste in lean management, but very few indicate the most prominent ones and which ones to tackle … Read More

9 types of waste in lean

9 Types of waste in Lean with examples

In lean management, the delivery team has two main objectives: To remove inefficiencies Maintain the standards of current processes Do you feel like there might be something you haven’t considered? Would you like to know more about the types of waste in lean? If that sounds like you, in this article, I will talk about … Read More

strategic quality management

Strategic Quality Management: How to develop a performance culture

Are you currently experiencing performance issues? Are you, or your team, struggling to understand how their actions affect the profit and loss of the company? Has the quality of your service or product dropped, and don’t know how to increase it? Many businesses, even big corporations, do not have a clearly defined framework to drive … Read More

issues in quality management for smes

What are the most significant issues in quality management for SMEs? – 2023 Edition

Every company faces challenges regardless of its size or revenue, but what are the most significant issues in quality management for SMEs (small and medium enterprises)?  In this article, I will try to answer this question and give some tips on what companies can do to overcome these challenges. What are examples of quality issues … Read More