Lean Six Sigma Applied in Sales and Marketing



A friend of mine works in Marketing and has recently started to read about “Lean Manufacturing” and told me the other day, “I wish this could be applied to Marketing”.

And I was like, “Why wouldn’t you be able to apply to Marketing?”

His argument was “The methodology was created in a product environment to maximize product based companies” and I was like… “You are missing the point…”

If we look at “Lean Manufacturing” yes, it’s for product based companies, but they use “Lean Principles” which are the overarching archetype that contains “Lean Manufacturing”.

The purpose is to remove waste and friction, and increase speed!

It’s quite funny, SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agencies), which there are gazillion of gurus on the internet on this topic, has a very Lean business model, or at least those that I find interesting to follow.

The idea behind it is to find a company clients that are ready-to-buy, so when they engage with said company they convert straight away.

I said to him, “How valuable do you think it is for a company to just get through the door somebody that is highly likely buying your product and you just need to close them?”

He said, “well that’s the dream”

Lean principles can be applied anywhere, we just need to think outside the box.

How much do you think a company would pay for a service like this? Not only it is Lean, it is a business model on its own if you play it well.

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