strategic quality management

Strategic Quality Management: How to develop a performance culture

Are you currently experiencing performance issues? Are you, or your team, struggling to understand how their actions affect the profit and loss of the company? Has the quality of your service or product dropped, and don’t know how to increase it? Many businesses, even big corporations, do not have a clearly defined framework to drive … Read More

issues in quality management for smes

What are the most significant issues in quality management for SMEs? – 2023 Edition

Every company faces challenges regardless of its size or revenue, but what are the most significant issues in quality management for SMEs (small and medium enterprises)?  In this article, I will try to answer this question and give some tips on what companies can do to overcome these challenges. What are examples of quality issues … Read More

What is a QMS

What is a QMS? Deliver more value in 2023

There are many acronyms in the business world, most of them are TLAs (Three letter acronyms) like QMS. In this post, I will try to clarify the purpose of a QMS, and break down its structure in a friendly manner so we can think of potential ways its implementation could benefit our business. The structure … Read More

What is quality in business terms? Add tremendous value in 2023

Quality is considered to be one of the building blocks of any business. If your company, or you, don’t deliver quality work chances are you won’t be getting many customers or inquiries in the future. We could define quality in business terms as:  “A product or service that meets the requirements and expectations of the … Read More